• Birth to a new collection

    A collection of natural fabrics tailored to give us a comfortable and alternative range of designer wear

In Hawaii, nestled among the calm blue waters of the Pacific Ocean; as the the rain-drenched, sun-soaked spring sets in, the Plumeria flower blooms.

A melodious, ringing sound; spoken softly or exclaimed in delight, ‘Melia’ is the Hawaiian word for the flower, millions of which dot the island, their white petals lighting up the landscape, their yellow speckles brightening nature’s canvas.

Melia, the collection is crafted from natural handloom fabric; and is soft and light, designed for comfort in Indian weather. It features a color palette that reflects the Plumeria flower and plant- in shades of white, off-white, yellow and green, with flashes of maroon and brown.

For the women of Hawaii, the flower is an ornament, and a symbol. Melia is gently tucked behind the ear to adorn the self, and to express a mood towards love. It is worn on the left by those who have found love, and on the right by those looking for it.

The collection reflects this symbolism in its uni-pocket trousers, either on the left or right. Melia has been crafted from a range of fabrics, selectively curated piece by piece, over the last five years. It is a uni-sex women’s range, designed to effortless fit all body types, for both men and women.


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